As a creative person who has been working in business network communications for almost a decade I am very excited to be starting a business that I am truly passionate about. Although network communications can be super exciting (yes I'm kidding) I have always wanted to embrace my creative side.  Growing up with a contractor for a father and a very creative mother, I naturally developed a passion for home design. And I am incredibly excited to finally have the chance to embrace something that I love. Along with working on our own new construction project, I will now also be offering personalized design services. A goal of mine is to offer affordable design options to those who wouldn't normally be able to hire an interior designer; affordable home style for all! Rather than a flat fee, I will work on an hourly basis, so you can have me as involved or as un-involved as you would like. I will also be upfront on the amount of time required for each project so there will be no surprises! 


Current or New Home Design: 

Start with a Free In-Home Consultation

$100/Hour for Post Consultation Work

Quick Design Help-  I'll give you several ideas for your space and a full shopping list of items to complete the look so you can finish the project DIY style. (As little as an hour spent per room for small rooms; larger projects with more needs may require more time)

Comprehensive Design Plan- Fully prepared room design and presentation of plan. (Tweaking of plan included until we come to final design.) I will present a layout, furniture choices, fixtures, paint colors, and additional accent decor to fit the design. You can then purchase the items in your own time and I will be available to help through the execution and installation stage as needed.

New Construction Design: 

Start with a Free On-Site or In Office Consultation

$100/Hour for Post Consultation Work

Quick Design Help: I'll help you work through anything that might not be working in your current design. I can do anything from helping with basic design choices to suggesting ideas on how to best utilize space, guarantee flow, and create style; all while making sure to maximize appeal to potential buyers.  

Comprehensive Design Plan: Fully prepared room design based off of current floor plans. (Presentation and tweaking included.)  I'll include design elements and features that will draw appeal to your space for potential buyers; all while considering functionality and things that sell houses to buyers. 

Please contact me at or (802)698-3219 to set up your free consultation. 

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